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WWM always welcomes volunteers to help us enhance our mission, strategy and skills in order to better serve our projects and their needs.  No specific skills are required, just a willingness to be involved. Support and training will be provided!  
We welcome volunteers for the following activities:
  • Fundraising events - WWM regularly attends events to sell products and raise awareness of our projects. We need volunteers to help make products, attend to the stalls to sell the products and talk to the community about WWM and identify events and opportunities for WWM fundraising. If you would like to volunteer for our stalls, please contact Laurie here.
  • English Learning and Career Camps - WWM arranges regular English Learning and Career Camps for students in Mae Sot. We need volunteers to assist as teachers and general organisation for these important camps. If you would like to volunteer for our camps, please contact Pearl here.
  • Kru Boon Chu Centre - WWM volunteers regularly attend Kru Boon Chu Centre (KBCC) to spend time and work with children living with disabilities, including Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and other disabilities. If you would like to volunteer at KBCC, please contact Laurie here.
  • Other - WWM is always interested to hear from volunteers who can offer a variety of expertise such as:​ 
  • Fundraising - Identification of fundraising opportunities including preparation of grant proposals.
  • Photography - A willingness to occasionally travel with WWM, or attend WWM events, with the main focus of capturing images that can be used for promotion of WWM and our projects, including use in media articles and updating of Facebook and WWM website. 
  • Graphic Design and Presentations - Develop ideas for flyers, slideshows (currently using PowerPoint) and other marketing materials. 


These are but a few areas we have recognised and ideas in addition to the suggestions above are encouraged and most welcome. Contact Bronwyn, Laurie, Pearl or Rosanne here.

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