WWM no longer actively fund this centre, however volunteers continue to give their time. 

WWM provided a salary for a Special Needs teacher as well as ongoing training and skill development for staff, educational support and therapy equipment specific for the individual child’s needs.  Such equipment included gait belts, table and chairs for correct positioning to allow the children to be function, ie, eat, drink, place their feet correctly and walkers to allow independent movement for children with Cerebral Palsy.


During 2013 we purchased multiple desktop computers installed with recognised learning programs developed specifically for children with Autism, including books and other resources to support a fully functioning learning space. 


WWM had volunteer Speech and Physical Therapists offering guidance and training to the staff of KBCC, who also work hands-on with the children and are involved in their activities.


During 2015 we successfully focused on funding a mentoring and leadership programme and an improvement to facilities and resources.

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