WWM funded CDTC for over 10 years, proudly educating students through to Grade 9. Many students continued their education through to Grade 12 via our scholarship program. WWM no longer actively fund this program since March 2019.

WWM provided funds for school lunches, teacher’s salaries, teaching materials and school uniforms; funding for utility costs and land/building rent.  We supported capacity building to increase the potential for the students to improve their education by supporting a volunteer English language teaching initiative, which allowed volunteers to reside onsite to enjoy the full experience of the students’ life.


WWM’s involvement with CDTC began in 2008 and together with the support of both corporate and individual sponsors, were able to support additional projects, including construction of a canteen and drilling of a deep-water well to provide fresh, clean water for washing, cooking and drinking.


Working together with a student enterprise set up by Business Studies students at The Regent’s International School in Pattaya, WWM established an IT room in 2011/2012 at CDTC.  The long term view for the IT room is that CDTC students will have access to other students and learning materials from around the world to enhance their learning opportunities. To compliment these facilities, a small library/multipurpose room for reading and school research was built at the school. 


In the 2013/2014 school year, WWM worked together with Regent’s once again and initiated a vocational training sewing project for female students and teachers.  Regent’s also provided a scholarship for one female girl student from CDTC to attend Grade 10, expanding her personal opportunities, and those of her community.


There are over 60 migrant schools, or learning centres, operating within and around Mae Sot, all trying to meet the educational needs of displaced families and their children. There are a multitude of issues facing these displaced communities, including access to health care, education and formal recognition.


The learning centres in the border regions rely on the support of international donors and private organisations such as WWM and the relationships we are able to develop with our Community Partners and other Donors.

Hygiene Items

For 5 years WWM supplied soap, toothpaste, hair shampoo, washing powder and girls pads.

School Nutrition

This has always been a focus for WWM. Adequate nutrition means healthy young brains to absorb knowledge. While often a struggle to keep 3 meals a day on the table, WWM managed to feed between 100 -350 students 3x per day over the last 10 years. Sometimes it may not have been the tastiest meal but every child has been fed. Maggies Milk program supplied the little ones with milk up to 3 times a week for over 4 years. 

Teacher Salaries

Teacher salaries are the most expensive running cost within the school budget.WWM have been fortunate to have, for many years a corporate sponsor who funded the stipends for the teachers. When WWM first visited the school no teacher had received a salary for 6 months. For 7 years WWM was able to provide adequate salaries. Sadly the salaries are reduced through the lack of funds available, and will cease in 2019.


WWM funded the school vehicle along with monthly fuel for both the daily needs of CDTC and morning and afternoon dropoff and pick ups for the Scholarship program.

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