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  • Implementation of lunch farms in 7 schools

  • Implementation of school lunch program for 8 schools for 900 children

  • Facilitation of child sponsorships

  • Provision of milk and milk formula for all infant and small children from Koh Phi Phi for 3 years

2009-2019  Thai/Myanmar Border

  • Development of mushroom growing and libraries in Migrant Learning Centers along the border

  • Support for Migrant Learning Centre, Children’s Development and Training Centre and Hway Ka Loke Boarding House including utilities, teacher salaries, rent, meals, transport and hygiene for up to 390 students at any one time. 

  • Working with Community Partners to in the building and fitting out of a computer lab, sewing room and the necessary instruction

  • Maggie’s Milk Money (MMM) to provide fortified milk for students 10 years and under

  • Vanessa’s sustainable feminine hygiene program for female students that grew into a “Days for Girls” distribution program. 

  • Scholarships for CDTC students for years 9-12 to complete their education 

  • Development of a Remote English Program in 2017

  • Intensive English Camps to assist students in gaining confidence speaking English

2008-2018 Chonburi/Rayong Province

  • Micro-economic development programs in collaboration with Community Partners to install Fish Farms for families with children with disabilities

  • Baan Kru Boon Choo Centre 

    • Providing physical therapy via qualified volunteers

    • Providing a salary for a “special needs teacher”, staff development, educational support and therapy equipment

    • Providing desktop computers with specialized Autism programs for individual student development

    • Mentoring and leadership program for principle and staff

2019-Present Thai Myanmar Border

  • 42 scholarships awarded grades 9-12

  • 1 student received an International School Scholarship in Thailand

  • 30 students in the Remote English Learning program

  • 105 students attended English Camp 2019

  • 40 students participated in our Mentoring program

  • 420 students attended our Career Pathways Conference

  • 30+ volunteer support 

  • 1 student in a full Nursing Aid scholarship in Yangon

  • 4 students received part funding for their initial university enrolment to Asian University for Women

  • 49 students from 2 MLC's going through our mentoring program. 

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