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  • Sponsor/part sponsor a vocational training lab at Youth Connect,

  • Become a donor with regular or one off donations.

  • Make in-kind donations – you’d be surprised at what we can use!  


WWM are working together with Youth Connect to establish up to 9 different vocational training courses, with the development of specialised labs appropriate for each course. Contact us to find out more.

Every Baht makes a difference and is guaranteed to reach your chosen project.

If you would like to be a sponsor, please contact us HERE.

Are you a qualified tradesperson happy to spend time in Mae Sot teaching your skills. IF YES, let us know!

Onsite English Learning 


Join our Onsite English Learning sessions for students in Mae Sot. We need volunteers to assist as mentors, teachers and general organization for these important events.


WWM regularly attends events to sell products and raise awareness of our projects. We need volunteers to help make products, attend events, talk to the community about WWM and identify events and opportunities for WWM fundraising. ​




WWM is always interested to hear from volunteers who can offer a variety of expertise such as, event planning and photography. New ideas are always welcome. 


If you would like to be a volunteer, contact us HERE.

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