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Commenced in 2012 to fill the need for ongoing education past year 9, WWM initially funded school fees, uniforms and books for any student who wished to continue their education.


In 2018 we had four years of graduates, having completed Grade 12 and gone on to get jobs in the health sector (both on the border and in Myanmar,) teaching, secretary/minute takers for local organisations and health insurance.


Three students are at university, and many have gone on to complete their GED on BEAM Foundation scholarships in Chiang Mai.

Major funding for the scholarship program has been provided by Pattaya Family Bike Day since 2014, and private donors. 

If you would like to become a sponsor, find out more here.

First successful graduates from year 12 in 2016 

Where are they now?

WWM is so proud to have had a positive and real impact on their future of all our scholarship recipients. This is where our first seven graduates are now ..

Working as a medic in Myanmar

Studying at Education Gathering Group, Myanmar

Continuing studies at Chiang Mai University

Working as a Rescue Medic in Mae Sot.

Working as a teacher and caring for family.

Studying teacher training at Noe Poe Camp Training Centre

Attending University on

Scholarship for teaching

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