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Who we are

In 2004 we started as three women, two Australians and an American, living in Chonburi Thailand who got together after the Dec 26th Tsunami that struck the Southern provinces of Thailand with a goal to provide recovery assistance where most needed. We are now a group of passionate women from many countries, with a core team of volunteers still residing in Thailand.


What we have become

As circumstances continue to change WWM has adapted our programs to continue to work effectively to create pathways for a sustainable future for many students. To see where we started and what we have become see “Our Impact”. As always, we continue to Nourish, Educate and Care.


Find out more about our current projects HERE.

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Why we do what we do

  • We believe that thoughtful, committed individuals who actively participate in community development can make a difference and we accept our responsibility to participate.

  • We believe that education enables young people to make choices about their future and empowers them to become contributing members to society.

  • We believe that without proper nourishment and education young people have reduced opportunities.

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Where we do what we do 

We support displaced/migrant students living along the Thailand/Myanmar border in Migrant Learning Centres, post year 12 programs and boarding houses, along with students in vocational training in Myanmar/Thailand.

See Our Impact HERE.

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