Where we started

We started as three women, two Australians and an American, living in Rayong and Chonburi who met though an expatriate club in Pattaya on the Eastern seaboard of Thailand. We worked together on various welfare projects in the Rayong and Chonburi area, teaching English, arranging school sponsorships and generally raising funds to benefit the communities we were living in.

In December 2004, after the Asian tsunami struck the southern provinces of Thailand, we were prompted to visit the region and see if there was anything we could do to help. The expatriate clubs we were involved in were unable to offer support to the southern provinces as they were committed to their existing projects, so as individuals we went with the intention of a one-time visit and contribution.

 Three years later however, in the Krabi, Phang Nga and Ranong provinces, we had assisted in the following projects:


  • Implementation of lunch farms in seven schools to supplement school lunches

  • Provision of daily school lunches for more than 900 children in eight schools

  • Facilitated child sponsorships

  • Provided milk and milk formula for infants and children to the age of four years


After three years these projects were either fully sustainable or had reached their life expectancy. After the completion of these projects and a short break, we began to support the migrant community in Mae Sot.​​

Find out more about our past projects here.

Now in 2020 many things have changed. Two of us now live in our respective home countries, while visiting Thailand, and one retired, shares time between Thailand and Australia. With this change our ability to fundraise has significantly altered and it is great see the way friends of WWM are taking a more active role. 


Our new projects reflect the dedication and motivation of our new team. WWM are changing focus from funding the Migrant Learning Centre CDTC to sustainable futures for the senior students through the scholarship program.

  • We believe that thoughtful, committed individuals who actively participate in community development can make a difference and we accept our responsibility to participate.

  • We believe that education enables young people to make choices about their future and empowers them to become contributing members to society.

  • We believe that without proper nourishment and education young people have reduced opportunities.

  • We care whether or not young people with disabilities, and their families, have access to resources to assist with their development and education for quality of life.

  • WWM’s home base is Pattaya, Thailand, though we operate remotely from multiple locations around the world at times, including Canada, United States and Australia

  • We support students and children living along the Thailand/Burma border within the migrant community, in schools and boarding houses.

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